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Sports, Action, and Performance Art

Showcase your team, your talent, and your passion by utilizing the services of a sports photographer. As they pertain to sports and performance art, my services include: 

  • Sports Games

  • Practice sessions (individual and group)

  • Gym Sessions

  • Athletic/Uniform Headshots

  • Performance Art events (i.e. dance, theater)

  • Promotional Events

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact me with your project or idea. ​

Build a Brand for You or Your Team

Sports photography goes beyond kicking a ball or riding a bike; it captures the human element behind every single endeavor put forth by athletes. Working together, we can develop a singular message through photography that sends out the message you want to your audience. 

Promote your team in the best way possible. With Nikon's flagship sports camera the Nikon D5 I provide high quality photos with a fast turnaround time. Whether its a full game, a practice session, or a promotional session my camera and I are there for you! 

Show off Your Team Colors

I'm excited to be able to provide teams with headshots/kit promotions for every athlete. Bring your favorite jersey representing your team, come all geared up, and enjoy being showcased in your favorite colors. 

Jersey photos are a great way to advertise yourself or your team. Each player/participant has a chance to show their passion and personality in a single photo. 

Capture your Passion

My services aren't limited to just field sports and teams. Enjoy mountain biking? Lets go find a trail and get some snapshots of you doing what you enjoy the most. I cover all forms of movement: 

  • Yoga

  • Dance

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Running

  • Crossfit

  • Weightlifting

And all other forms of movement. Not on the list? Contact me with your favorite thing to do and lets go!  

Relive Your Best Performance

Taking the stage? With Nikon's best cameras available I will be there at every angle to make sure your performance is accurately and thoroughly captured with the best quality photos. 

Take pride in your profession or hobby by broadcasting fantastic photos of your time in the spotlight. 

Rates and Services

Sports Games

  - Professional Teams By Request Only

  - Youth Leagues By Request Only

  - Semi-Pro/Amateur: $90.00/standard        game (includes warm ups and 3-5              photos for immediate release)

-   Hockey, Soccer, Rugby or Other Adult      Rec team $80.00 per standard game

-   Indoor Soccer $60.00 per standard          game

Practice Sessions

   - By the Hour: $50.00, billable in 15 min       segments thereafter; 1 hr minimum

   - Standard Mileage outside 20 mi                 radius of 98032

   - Additional fees for groups of over 5

   - Includes all viable photos

   - Request a team rate


Performance Art Events

  - $100.00 for the first hour, $50.00 for  

    any hour thereafter

  - Standard Mileage outside of 20 mi            radius of 98032

  - MUST have venue/organizers                    permission

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