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Hi! I'm Quinn Width - the brains behind Width Photography.  I enjoy a great many things; video games, political dramas, board games, outstanding microbrews, and a love for fuzzy things with four legs!

Interesting fact about me: I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy over 20 times in my life. 


My photography business started with a love and passion for sports.  Working with numerous teams and news outlets in the Greater Seattle Area has been the best honor of my life. 

Along with sports; wedding, portrait, and event photography have enabled me to meet the needs of any client.  

My favorite thing to photograph you ask? My dog angus, he is so practiced that whenever the camera comes out he strikes a pose. 


I have traveled to many places within the United States, and it remains that I have the most admiration for the Great Northwest. 

Being local to Seattle, I am close to water, mountains, snow, forests, and the beautiful emerald city itself. 

My favorite place in Washington? Westport - a local surf spot. Great food, wonderful views, and the people are just outstanding; a total stranger once gifted me an entire box of bananas!


The most unique thing for me about Seattle is how communities are formed when enough people share a common purpose.  I often joke that without the Seattle Sounders, I would have never met my Husband. For me,  photography has been the best resource to best represent this place, and these people, that I love so much.  

Photography has brought people from around the world to my doorstep; from working with underserved and underrepresented communities to massive crowds; I m always ready to go!

Photo by Blake Kremer - Tacoma Weekly

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