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From the Sidelines: A Very Green and Blue 2020

A lot of my peers have set quite the goals for themselves for the beginning of this new decade; and I will admit I have been having some trouble thinking of a resolution not only applicable, but conducive to my lifestyle - or my lifestyle as I’d like it to shift towards.

So i went down the list. Transformed my eating habits over the last couple months for a healthier way of life, I’ve been on the warpath to keep a cleaner house, as in; put my laundry away, clean up as I go, etc, and get this; I quit playing video games last November. Yep, just up and gone. From hours equivalent to that of a full time job down to maybe 2-3 hours every friday.

Wanting to take a firmer and more active approach to my photo business that I started last year I chose to start a blog; one for every week of 2020. Can i make 52 posts in a year? We are certainly going to find out. That coupled with staying strong and consistent on social media; I am all in.

My FIRST big shoot of the year started last week with the Seattle Seawolves first season practice. I am stoked, I am bubbly (as bubbly as I can get) and I am ready to push for my best season yet. Cold, windy, and with rain that couldn’t decide if it wanted to be there or not, I stood invisible to the squad pushing my frozen hands in hopes to give the Team’s fans the level of excitement and hype for the oncoming season that I know they deserve. This time, I went for something slightly different; less straight action and more smiles, more determination, more ‘I’ve been running for 20 minutes and it hurts.’ Photos encompassing more emotion and expression has never been a strength of mine, and improving on this element is one of my many photo goals for the season.

With a recent acquisition of a Nikon D5 and along with its outstanding technical specs, me and my 14 frames per second are going to be unstoppable. If only I could find a way to be in three or four places at once; I’d be in great shape. Can I make a shameless Star Wars reference? In my head while I shoot I hear Obi-wan Kenobi’s voice - “See the whole field.” “Trust in the autofocus.” “Let the action flow through you.” and “Don’t go to the dark side of the field.” I'm not kidding either; when I can recall these things (if you thought that the last one was a joke; you haven’t shot at starfire) at any given moment my photos just ended up better. My best shot from the 2019 season was a moment i was completely unprepared for. I heard the noise from the crowd, and I was just holding up my camera; hitting my shutter button and just hoping for the best. And to nobody’s surprise; my first ever ‘tip and/or trick’ ever published for photographing is to just go watch Star Wars.

So here’s to 2020; one of these down; 51 more to go.

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