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Where does photography take us? There are a great many adventures to be had through the viewfinder. From your loved ones to your four legged friends, your favorite team, your special day, and everything in between I'm here to capture it all. 


Proudly Representing Seattle Teams

Seattle Teams represent the best of our community in the Northwest. I currently work as the Seattle Seawolves Rugby photographer working their game days, events, and other photo needs. 

I am here to give your Seattle team the highest quality of photos with top of the line cameras, long lenses, and of course, attention to detail. How can photos help tell the story of your sports organization?

Width Photo can help you get the content you need for your games, practices, team-building sessions, team headshots, and promotional photos. I also cover Performance Artists and other special events.

I am proud to work for the community. From amateur sports teams, to professional games with roaring crowds, I work with teams all around Western Washington at all levels with diverse demographics.

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Preserving the Best Memories Forever

Every family deserves the best when it comes to capturing their best times. From your baby's first 48 hours to their Senior Photos, I'm ready with Nikon's best portrait camera to date. My range of lenses gives a fun and artistic touch to match the personality of the entire family. 

We work hand in hand through the entire process. This includes working together on a location and aesthetic preferences to best fit your needs. You choose which photos you want in a fast and easy digital delivery system. 

Every family deserves to have their best memories preserved forever. I offer affordable rates with multiple options on packages. See how I can help keep those family traditions going, or to start some new ones! 


Hello dear reader and photo enthusiast! 


I'm Quinn; I am a photographer local to the Greater Seattle Area serving surrounding counties. My favorite place in the world is the Pacific Northwest. Peacefully staring over the ocean on the shores of Westport or staring northward over the Strait of Juan De Fuca in Port Townsend is where I can usually be found. 


I could write a novel on the reasons I chose to specialize in the unlikely combination of Sports and Family photography. I fully believe that sports here in Seattle are the gateway to the community. I started at the bottom covering recreational sports for friends and local coaches. My business has evolved, and now my photos are helping broadcast the message of Professional Rugby as it becomes a major force in American sports. Massive celebrations, roaring crowds, and the wave of excitement that occurs when walking into a stadium makes me wonder why every photographer doesn't have a dedicated sports portfolio. 

For me, family photography is an essential part of showing modern life as we know it. My photos hang on the walls of dozens of northwest families. I have followed children from before birth, to their first steps, their first pair of glasses, and beyond. My no-frills photos are made to match any aesthetic. With heavy blues and desaturated greens, my clients stand out well amongst the heavily wooded trees of the Great Northwest. 

From a photography standpoint, both sports and family give me an edge that few photographers possess, the ability to act quickly for any possible opportunity that may arise. As I move forward with my business year after year, I operate under the rather common mantra of 'Always Be Prepared.' Following that has led me to some of my very best photos. 

4 years ago I made the jump to a full-time business owner. The path has not been easy, but the support of a great community has ushered my success forward. I don't see myself as being limited to a business-only mindset, because some of my clients and I maintain great relationships as time goes by. 

If I don't have a camera in my hands, or gallivanting through the woods in search for the nearest shoreline, I can often be found curled up with my two cats with a nice book. Its an absolute pleasure to have you here looking through my photos and interested in the possibilty of bringing me on as your photographer. 

                                  All the best

                                        Quinn Width - Width Photography 


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